About RM Productions

RM Productions is a premier source of media production in Perth. Our media production company provides creative services for local and national brands, businesses and agencies.
At RM Productions, we pride ourselves in excelling at customer service, meeting fast deadlines, and collaborating closely with our clients.
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Sam, Flores De Amor

The product photography done by RM Productions exceeded all expectations. Highly recommend RM Productions.


Aldin Ajan is the Creative Director of RM Productions. Aldin comes to RM Productions with 8 years of experience in multiple marketing and media production roles for various industries.
Dean Smith is the Production Manager of RM Productions. Dean’s passion for taking photos is coupled with 9 years’ experience in event photography and videography in Perth.
Together Aldin and Dean take pride in reaching a high benchmark of production quality for our clients and their intended audience.


AT RM Productions, our Malaga-based studio is fully prepared with all the equipment necessary to make your photo or video sessions creative and fun.
Our team is composed of experienced and creative media professionals who are fun to work with, and strive to make every session a uniquely personal experience.