We understand the importance of having an onsite location to shoot your next campaign, where exceptional equipment is a must. Our studio in Malaga offers state of the art equipment and services, where we build sets and modify them to suit your needs. Our expert photographers and editors know how to construct your studio photography, creating a fun environment, and unique experience.

We aren’t just product photographers, we’re also product stylists. Whether you need 1000 products photographed on a plain backdrop, or you need a single, perfect, high-concept art piece for an international print campaign, our team will work closely with you to produce money-making imagery.

If it’s a gift, a way to celebrate, or even a special moment for yourself, people want to put a face to the name. Our team will be there to provide a relaxed environment and work alongside you to give the best experience possible. Our studio equipment and expertise in portraits will give you the peace of mind that your portrait will show the style you’re after.

We are a creative team and thrive at pushing ourselves and imagination to create the perfect shoot for you. We help stylize your photoshoot with the emotion and energy you want to convey. Our photographers understand not everyone likes being in front of the camera, and we are great at making you feel relaxed and comfortable to create the best experience possible.

RM Productions have a photography and video studio in Malaga available to hire for creative professionals. For commercial photographers, video producers, or creative agencies, we have a modern studio there for you. Whether it’s a full day or half-day, our studio provides all the necessary equipment to create the perfect experience.

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